About Us

Thank you for shopping at From the Red Tees.  We appreciate your business!
     In 2018, I purchased From the Red Tees from its original owner, Rae Crary.  As an enthusiastic golfer, I am committed to maintaining Rae's vision of providing quality clothes for women of all sizes.  The business is now located in Waltham, Massachusetts.  I will continue to operate the From the Red Tees website.  In addition to online fulfillment, the store will be open on Fridays during the months of May to September.  I am also happy to meet you at the store by pre-arranged appointment on any day all year long.  My goal is to offer the woman golfer fabulous clothes  at great prices so we can all golf with style.  
Ann Donovan
 Nancy Lopez and Ann Donovan at the 2018 PGA Show